The Heart Gallery

When children appear in the Heart Gallery,
their chance of being adopted sharply increases.

This beautiful gallery is a resource and digital recruitment tool for social workers and adoption recruiters to find forever families for the Illinois children awaiting adoption. While some children will not be represented by a photograph, we feel it is in their best interests to be included in the Heart Gallery of Illinois.

For those who submit an Inquiry Form expressing an interest in adopting a child listed in the Heart Gallery of Illinois, your form is submitted to the Adoption Inquiry Unit of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.  It is DCFS’s responsibility to get in touch with you as the next step if there is a match.  Let It Be Us is not a licensing agency or a child placing agency. Our function in the adoption process is to recruit foster and adoptive parents for the Illinois children who are waiting. 

Heart Gallery of Illinois Corporate Sponsors are welcome.

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