12 Years Old

Qualities: Ariel is a bright young lady who has a passion for drawing and singing.

Meet Ariel …

Ariel’s current foster parent says she does a good job at following directions. She always helps out by cleaning her room and washing the dishes after she eats. In school, Ariel is passing all of her classes. Her strengths in the classroom include working well with others, a willingness to try new things, engaging herself and putting forth a lot of effort.

What You Can Do For Ariel

You can provide Ariel with a structured and supportive home environment that will allow her to thrive. Ariel describes her future adoptive family as caring, loving, respectful, patient, understanding and willing to make a lifetime commitment. The family must also be open to allowing Ariel to maintain contact with her siblings.

For those who submit an Inquiry Form expressing an interest in adopting a child listed in the Heart Gallery of Illinois, your form is submitted to the Adoption Inquiry Unit of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.  It is DCFS’s responsibility to get in touch with you as the next step if there is a match.  Let It Be Us is not a licensing agency or a child placing agency. Our function in the adoption process is to recruit foster and adoptive parents for the Illinois children who are waiting. 

The first step in adoption from foster care is to obtain a foster care license. Visit our licensing map to find a licensing agency or an Illinois DCFS licensing office near your home.

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How You Can Help Ariel

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