Ashantie, Virgil and Jamarie

Meet Ashantie …
Ashantie is a very loving, outgoing young lady who loves to stay active. Ashantie enjoys sports; she currently plays point guard for her school basketball team and is looking forward to the start of a new season. Ashantie also loves music and dancing. When asked her favorite genre of music, she replied “I like all kinds of music, except for elevator music.” Ashantie stated “she loves spending quality time with family and would love an adoptive mother to have girl time with.” Ashantie’s current caregiver says she is a loving young lady and is helpful around the house. Ashantie she enjoys school, and is looking forward to the new school year. Her favorite subject is math.

Meet Virgil …
Virgil is a sociable and lovable young man who loves to make others laugh! He enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. Virgil loves sports, specifically football and basketball. In addition to sports he enjoys playing board games, video games, movies, and his favorite food…pizza! Virgil is a good student, and he reported his favorite subject is math…science, not so much! Virgil reported he is looking forward to the new school year.

Meet Jamarie …
Jamarie is an outgoing and active young man. He loves to play sports, video games, going to the movies, and most importantly rap…and he’s really good! Jamarie is very passionate about rapping and wants perform and write. Jamarie is also very funny, and enjoys making others laugh. Jamarie is an overall good student, but his desire to make others laugh has gotten him into trouble at school in the past. Jamarie reported he is also looking forward to this school year, and would love to attend a school in a suburban area.

What You Can Do...
Provide a safe and nurturing environment filled with love, structure, clear expectations, consistency, and commitment. Be willing to support ongoing family connections with their siblings, as this is very important to them. If your family is active and willing to support their interest in music, sports, and building healthy relationships, these just might be the group for you!

An Illinois family is preferred.


Thank you to Heather Hackney of Heather Hackney Photography for creating this beautiful photograph of Antonio.

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