Meet Breion (age 13) … 

Breion is a very charming young man. He is polite and loves to set goals for himself to accomplish. Breion is very active and likes to play sports such as football and basketball. He loves to be outdoors and riding his bike. Breion likes dogs, big or small, and enjoys helping with the responsibilities of caring for pets. In his spare time, Breion likes to play games on his tablet and pass around a football outside.

What Others Say About Breion … 

Breion is said to be a big help around the house. Breion’s caregiver raves about him and the help she gets from him, especially in the kitchen. She reports that, “Breion is a good kid, he just needs a lot of love and a stable routine. He is always helping me out in the kitchen, saying “Mama, what else go in the food?” I am so used to doing things by myself but I truly enjoy having Breion around. He’s my little helper.” Breion’s behaviors at home are typically manageable. In school, Breion’s teachers report that Breion can be a great student. He gives good feedback during discussions and asks pertinent questions once he becomes engaged.

What You Can Do For Breion … 

Breion needs a loving home with parents who are patient and will encourage him to talk about his past so he can process his experiences and learn to handle his frustrations in a positive way. Breion needs a home where he feels safe and loved. He would benefit from being in a home that is family oriented and enjoys doing things as a family both inside the home and in the community. Breion becomes very attached easily and wants to be in a stable home. He thrives in an environment that is structured, consistent, and encouraging. Breion will thrive in an environment in which school and education are important and pursuing higher education is an expectation. Whether Breion goes to college or not, he needs a family that will push him to be the best that he can be and teach him that it is possible to achieve whatever he wants in life if you put forth the effort and do your best.


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Photographs created by professional photographer Jodi Swanson, Founder of Women of Strength.  

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