Cassandra (Matched)

Meet Cassandra (Age 12)

Cassandra is full of energy! She enjoys staying busy and being a “girlie girl” with the nails, hair, and makeup. She has historically been involved in swimming, gymnastics and cheer leading and really wants to continue to participate in team activities. Cassandra is said to be very outgoing, charming, friendly and adventurous! When she is not busy with activities, Cassandra enjoys spending time with her siblings and family. She is an open-minded girl who enjoys new experiences. Cassandra has good insight about herself and recognizes where she can make improvements.

What Others Say About Cassandra 

Cassandra is very cooperative, friendly, and self-aware. She works really hard at utilizing her coping skills to maintain negative behaviors. Cassandra started a new school recently, and so far she is enjoying her new academic setting.

What You Can Do for Cassandra 

Cassandra believes she will do well with a couple, or a single female, where she is the youngest child. She will do well with a family that is structured and consistent with rules, so she understands what is expected of her. She needs a family who will react calmly and in a controlled manner if she makes a mistake. Cassandra needs a family who will love her unconditionally and help her develop and reach her full potential as she grows up. She wants a family who will help her be involved in activities and who will be supportive of her.

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