Samarion and Damari

3, 4, 7, 8 and 12 Years Old

These children have been matched with an adoptive family through the Heart Gallery of Illinois.

Qualities: A loving and instant family of two

Samarion and Damari, ages  7 and 12 …

Meet Damari

 Damari is an adorable, happy and friendly little guy with a radiant smile and contagious laughter that has a hint of mischievousness! Damari is all about activity and enjoys being read to, riding his bike and scooter and just being outside. Damari is very smart and loves school, but sometimes he is distracted by his love for his friends and socializing.

Damari has been diagnosed with hypopituitarism, which is just a big word for a pituitary gland that is not behaving. Damari takes medication and a shot daily to control this condition. Don’t overthink it…parenting Damari is absolutely manageable and lots of fun! An adoptive family will absolutely be able to learn what caring for Damari entails. He is a tough little guy who enjoys roughhousing with his friends and siblings.


Meet Samarion

Samarion is a very active happy, energetic and funny child. He enjoys making others laugh and is quite the jokester! You can usually find Samarion being social with his family and friends. He interacts well with other children, and when he’s at home he’s playing with trains, Legos, drawing and playing football. At school Samarion is the life of the classroom. He enjoys horseplay and entertaining his peers. His teachers report he is very smart.

What You Can Do for Samarion and Damari …

The ideal family for this group would be resourceful in locating and utilizing services and will ensure needed services are in place. The family will need to be able to communicate with schools, therapists and medical providers and be able to navigate these systems. The right family will provide a well-structured environment and consistency. The right family will also involve these youth in appropriate extracurricular activities and have energy for fun!


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Photographs created by professional photographer Jodi Swanson, Founder of Women of Strength.  

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