10 Years Old

Qualities:  A three-sport athlete, loves music and has a great sense of humor

Meet DeShon …

Deshon is a three-sport athlete who wants to turn his love of sports into a profession. He is passionate about baseball and his favorite player of all time is the legendary Jackie Robinson. When he is not hitting a baseball, he is kicking a soccer ball or throwing a football. Jumping ramps and learning new tricks on his bike are two of DeShon’s favorite pastimes. Who knows, Deshon may have a future as a BMX rider! When DeShon takes a step away from the norm and likes to spend time playing video games and listening to music. Music is an important part of DeShon’s life and he likes to listen to and dance to various artists. Some of his favorite foods are tacos, pizza, nachos, fries, chips, and chocolate cake. These are sure to bring a smile to DeShon’s face. Of course, Deshon loves being a kid and shows it by running around playing and laughing with friends. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys joking around with his friends. DeShon’s request for his forever family is simple: he wants them to be nice. He hopes they will play sports and own a pet.

For those who submit an Inquiry Form expressing an interest in adopting a child listed in the Heart Gallery of Illinois, your form is submitted to the Adoption Inquiry Unit of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.  It is DCFS’s responsibility to get in touch with you as the next step if there is a match.  Let It Be Us is not a licensing agency or a child placing agency. Our function in the adoption process is to recruit foster and adoptive parents for the Illinois children who are waiting. 


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