Meet Eddie (age 10) …

Eddie is a bright child who is eager to find a family of his own. He is very personable, loves to joke around with others, and is always smiling. He thrives when surrounded by people he cares for and can be kind and loving in return. He has a very close bond with all of his siblings and would do best if he maintained contact with them. Although Eddie can be sensitive to conflict, he responds well when approached with empathy and humor. Eddie loves to play video games in his free time. He also enjoys school and loves his teachers. Eddie wants to please others and loves to show off when he is able to do something. He loves pretending to be a police officer and has a great imagination for pretend play. Eddie LOVES to be outside and ride his bike. He enjoys basketball, remote controlled cars, and being active.


What Others Say About Eddie …

Eddie’s teachers say he is a joy to have in their class. Eddie does struggle academically but he thrives with one-on-one attention and structure in the classroom. Eddie wants to learn and wants to please, but he is very behind academically and becomes easily frustrated. He responds negatively to chaotic environments.
Eddie’s foster parents they that he is well-behaved and good at following directions. He is very helpful around the house and loves to clean! He wants to be a good person, but can sometimes have trouble when told “no” and isn’t sure how to appropriately handle anger. Eddie has made a lot of progress in his current foster home and is willing and ready to be a part of a family. He needs firm boundaries with non-punitive parenting. Being outside helps him calm down when he is upset.


What You Can Do For Eddie … 

You can provide Eddie with lots of love, affection and individualized attention. You can provide a solid family structure and display patience as he adapts to his new surroundings. Eddie has a good relationship with his siblings, so it is important for his forever family to help him to maintain that bond. It is important that Eddie has someone to support him on the things he wants to do in his life. Eddie states that he wants a mom and a dad that are “nice.” Eddie would benefit from a strong male figure in his life. Eddie needs to be allowed space when he gets angry and help processing when calmed.


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