Heavenly (Matched)

Meet Heavenly (Age 1)

Heavenly is an adorable, non-verbal child with big, sparkling eyes. She loves to feel the touch of her caregiver, the vibration of her toys and music and noises in her environment. She has a sweet temperament and rarely cries.

What Others Say About Heavenly

A family with knowledge of the needs of a medically-fragile child is a must. Heavenly would benefit from a family that is organized and has knowledge of children with profound hearing loss and children who are visually impaired. Experience caring for children who have a G-Tube is also beneficial. Coordinating with her medical team to keep her as healthy as possible is very important for Heavenly.

What You Can Do for Heavenly 

Heavenly needs caregivers who are great advocates and who will ensure she receives the many services she needs. The caregiver needs to be malleable and available to tend to Heavenly and her needs. Working well with others and working as part of a team are critical as Heavenly has numerous service providers. Most importantly, Heavenly needs a family that is willing to love her and make her comfortable in her forever home.

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