Jaheim (Matched)

Meet Jaheim (Age 14)

Jaheim is a quiet child until he gets to know you. Jaheim is a smart young man; and is currently in the 8th grade. He is inquisitive, asks a lot of questions and shares his opinion. He enjoys spending time reading mythology and space books. Playing his video games and watching Netflix and YouTube are other favorite pastimes. His laugh is infectious when watching comedic and funny movies; horror and action movies are his next favorite. Jaheim enjoys listening to different varieties of music but he isn’t much of a dancer. He would love to make Red Velvet pancakes, pepperoni pizza and creative cornbread recipes as a family. He loves cornbread!

What Others Say About Jaheim

Jaheim is very smart and helpful, and does not like getting in trouble. He listens and is respectable. Jaheim likes school and is serious about his grades. He will work hard if he is not pleased with a grade. His goal and aspiration is to be a film director. Jaheim also likes to ask questions when he is not clear about things. A family would have to be patient with his desire for clarification.

What You Can Do for Jaheim 

You can provide Jaheim with lots of love, affection and individualized attention. He would do best in a well-structured home with consistent rules. He would like his adoptive family to be loving and have experience with children with his diagnosis. Patience and time are important for a family to parent Jaheim. It is important that the adoptive family respects the close bond that Jaheim shares with his brothers, and continues to support their relationship by ensuring that visits continue to occur.

An Illinois placement is not necessary

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