10 Years Old

Qualities: Loves to ride his bike, play basketball and wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Meet Jeremiah …

You can find Jeremiah catching up on the latest crime show. Jeremiah wants to be a police officer and is really into crime shows like Law & Order, Criminal Minds and Rookie Blue. When he is not busy preparing for his future in protecting the law, Jeremiah is busy riding his bike, playing outside, or you can catch him at his favorite store, Target. He also enjoys playing with Lego blocks, drawing and using the computer.

Jeremiah plays football at school and plays basketball outside during his own time. His favorite basketball player is LeBron James.

Jeremiah’s favorite activities in school are projects, especially art, free time and computer privileges from good behavior.

Fun facts about Jeremiah …

If he could travel anywhere in the world he would want to go to St Louis, MO. His favorite colors are blue and red. His favorite foods are pizza, burgers and nachos.

What Others Say about Jeremiah …
His foster parent states he is helpful around the house and loves to clean and cook.

What You Can Do for Jeremiah …

You can provide Jeremiah with lots of love, affection and individualized attention. You can provide a solid family structure and display patience as he adapts to his new environment. You can keep Jeremiah active in and outside of the home. He would benefit greatly to being assigned chores/responsibilities within the home. Jeremiah would benefit from a family that has experience working with or understanding children exposed to significant trauma. You can also work with professionals to understand and meet emotional, behavioral and educational needs.


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Photographs created by professional photographer Jodi Swanson, Founder of Women of Strength.  

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