Jerichiah (Matched)

Meet Jerichiah (Age 9)

Jerichiah has a love of the outdoors, he really enjoys being outside and is especially fond of scooters. Jerichiah is intelligent, enjoys school and has a desire to learn. He thrives in an educational setting with high structure, a small child to teacher ratio and experiential learning.

What Others Say About Jerichiah

Jerichiah’s case worker says he is a lovable young man. His teacher says he can be very friendly, and adds that his classroom behavior has improved significantly.

What You Can Do for Jerichiah 

You can provide a structured home environment for Jerichiah. You can establish a clear set of household rules, and enforce those rules in a fair, consistent manner. You can also work with professionals who can help you understand and meet his emotional needs. He desires to be a part of family where relationships are built on trust and connection. He is sensitive and a deep thinker. He takes pride in his work at school and loves to play.

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