Justis and Shekinna (Matched)

Meet Justis (Age 7) and Shekinna (Age 3)

Justis is a very energetic young man who has plenty to talk about! He is very active and loves many different sports and being outside! Justis enjoys playing board games, reading and electronic games. His favorite is his XBOX. In addition to games, Justis enjoys spending time with friends and family and going out on the town for dinner and a movie. One of his favorite things to do is visit Navy Pier.

Shekinna is a three-year-old social butterfly who loves to talk! This little diva loves to dress up and have her hair styled. In addition this little cutie enjoys playing with her toys, dancing and watching television. Shekinna also enjoys going out on the town for dinner and a movie and sometimes likes to take her baby doll along for the ride!

What Others Say About Justis and Shekinna

It’s been said that Justis loves being loved and hanging with his caregiver and engaging people in conversation. Justis is an average student who will sometimes become frustrated in school. However; Justis has learned to manage his frustrations and is doing well. Justis does best when he is kept active and engaged in activities. When Justis was asked what he would like his adoptive family to be like, he stated “I would like a family that is fun and likes to do activities.”

It is said that Shekinna is the typical little sister who enjoys following her brother around. She is potty trained and loves a good night’s sleep.

What You Can Do for Justis and Shekinna 

Justis and Shekinna will do best in a traditional two-parent home, or a single female in Illinois that will provide love, structure and consistency. Potential parents should be committed and patient through the bonding period. They will thrive in an active home where both Justis and Shekinna are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and are able to play and explore new things.

An Illinois family is preferred.

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