Meet Kayden (age 6) … 

Kayden loves the color red! Kayden is a 6 year old boy. He is very bright, likeable, funny, and eager to explore new things, with high energy. He is very interested in super hero action figures such as Ant-Man, Spiderman, and the Hulk. He loves wearing costumes imitating his heroes. He loves super hero stories at bedtime. He has maintained contact with his siblings. A future caretaker should be sure to provide opportunities for sibling contact to continue. Kayden can be placed with either a single parent or a couple, and he should be the only child in the home.

What Others Say About Kayden … 

His workers tell me that Kayden responds well to sensory items that he can touch and squeeze, such as Play-Doh and kinetic sand and stretchable toys. When his energy gets too high, he can identify what he is feeling and what inspired him. He has skills in calming himself, such as spending time in his room, listening to music, playing with a favorite toy, exercising. Music is his best friend, and keeps him focused on tasks and aware of the time.

What You Can Do for Kayden … 

He will thrive in your structured and nurturing home. Parents should expect that he is a little anxious about attachment. Your awareness of child development milestones will keep you patient, reassuring, and loving in your forever family home as well as other recommended supports.


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Photographs created by professional photographer Jodi Swanson, Founder of Women of Strength.  

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