14 Years Old

Qualities: Loves sports, the Chicago Bulls, and his siblings

Meet Larry …

Larry is an outgoing young man who loves to stay active. In his spare time, you can find Larry partaking in all different types of sports. His favorite sport of all however is Basketball and he just LOVES the Chicago Bulls. Larry also enjoys spending time with his many siblings as they are a very important part of his life.

 What Others Say About Larry …

Both Larry’s foster parents and his teachers report that Larry displays no behavior concerns in the home or at school. Larry does best in a well-structured environment. In school, Larry does require extra attention due to his learning disability, but with the extra support and services he received in the classroom he shows great success.

What You Can Do For Larry …

You can provide Larry with love, stability, and tons of support as he adjusts into his new home. Larry would thrive in a home that is well-structured. The perfect family for Larry would be a family that is both nurturing and active and would allow him to participate in extracurricular activities, etc. It is important that the family allows Larry to continue participating in tutoring so he can continue to progress in school. It is also important that the family be supportive of the relationship that Larry shares with his bio parents and siblings and allow him to continue to maintain visits and communication with them.

For those who submit an Inquiry Form expressing an interest in adopting a child listed in the Heart Gallery of Illinois, your form is submitted to the Adoption Inquiry Unit of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.  It is DCFS’s responsibility to get in touch with you as the next step if there is a match.  Let It Be Us is not a licensing agency or a child placing agency. Our function in the adoption process is to recruit foster and adoptive parents for the Illinois children who are waiting. 

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