Meet Martha (age 13)

Start a conversation about beauty, hairs and nails and Martha perks up! Martha is an energetic, outspoken and playful girl. Martha loves to do hair and she “specializes” in braids, twists and pony tails. She also enjoys doing make up. When she isn’t busy beautifying herself or others she enjoys cooking. Martha’s specialties include noodles, chicken, tilapia and corn bread. Martha would like to be a lawyer someday. She is into baseball, cheerleading and basketball. Her favorite teams include the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs. Martha describes herself as an “inside person”. She says she likes to do activities indoors. Martha is smart and says she is good at and favors math in school.

Fun Facts About Martha … 

Her favorite foods are: All foods except vegetables, but if she must eat vegetables she’ll eat broccoli & cheese and tomatoes. Her favorite colors are purple, pink, blue and red. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she What Others Say about Martha… Her foster parent says that Martha is very helpful and loves to cook. According to Martha, what her friends like best about her is that she is a good person and nice. What her teachers like best about her is that she is a hard worker.

What You Can Do For Martha … 

What You Can Do for Martha… You can provide Martha with lots of love, affection and individualized attention. You can provide a solid family structure and display patience as she adapts to her new surroundings. Martha would benefit from a family that has experience working with or understanding children exposed to significant trauma. You can also work with professionals to understand and meet her emotional, behavioral and educational needs.


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