Meet Mary (9 years old) 

Qualities: She enjoys school, friends and being accepted

Mary has a strong desire to be loved and accepted. She responds well to positive reinforcement. Mary is looking forward to attending summer camp and swimming lessons. Mary enjoys going to school, doing activities with friends, and engaging in sports and camps. This past school year, Mary participated in an after school girl’s group and she loved it. Mary’s school reported that she made a lot of academic progress in the past academic years and that they did not have any behavioral problems with her in the classroom.

What Others Say About Mary

Her current foster parents have reported that Mary does well at school or out of home programs. Mary does struggle to express her feelings.

How You Can Help Mary

Mary is hoping for a two parent home, but that should not hinder anyone from expressing an interest in being a parent for Mary.

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Photographs created by professional photographer Jodi Swanson, Founder of Women of Strength. 

The first step in adoption from foster care is to obtain a foster care license. Visit our licensing map to find a licensing agency or an Illinois DCFS licensing office near your home.

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