Michael M. (Matched)

Meet Michael (Age 4)

Michael enjoys playing with stickers and play-doh. He also enjoys playing at the park. He is a bright, young child with a bright smile. His laugh is infectious. He loves playing with other kids. He is a warm child who loves giving great hugs.

What Others Say About Michael

Michael is a pleasure to have in class. He is smiling and usually is in a positive mood. He does not engage negatively with peers. He needs direction in his engagement with peers as he usually enjoys parallel and independent play.

Michael is very loving, he engages well with direction from his foster parents and foster siblings. Overall he is a happy child. He does well with visual guides and ques. He is able to follow after many prompts. He is learning more words and is able to express his needs with those closest to him. At times he is unable to manage his emotions; but his foster mom relaxes him by giving him deep hugs.

What You Can Do for Michael 

Michael would benefit from a large family that has many support systems to assist with Michael needs and/or appointments. Michael would like his adoptive family to enjoy playing in the park as much as he does. He would enjoy a family that likes to read books and go to the zoo together. The adoptive family should have advocacy skills to be able to advocate for Michael’s specific needs in school and outside resources. Adoptive family should also be knowledgeable or be willing to learn about developmental delays and medical diagnosis or Microcephaly. Adoptive family should be willing to engage in developmental therapies and implement strategies in the home. Michael will need patience and understanding as he transitions into his new placement. Ideally, the adoptive family would be open to maintaining contact with Michael’s current foster family, as they would like to be a part of his life in some capacity moving forward.

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