Meet Richard (Age 14) 

Richard loves to build things and looks forward to having a mom and a dad. Richard, who prefers to be called “Ricky,” is a very affectionate young man and he has a happy go lucky attitude. At times Ricky can be quiet or shy. He is protective of the people he loves and loves being a big brother to his younger brother and sister. He is working on his independent living skills and is learning to do his own laundry. Ricky is in 7th grade but needs additional support. He likes to stay busy with Legos and things to build.

What Others Say About Richard 

Ricky is kind and respectful but at times may need to be redirected. He has a history of being bullied and he has reacted by being defensive and showing a great deal of emotion. However, supportive resources are helping him with his coping skills. Ricky would benefit from having a positive male role model. He prefers a family with a mom and dad.

What You Can Do for Richard 

You can provide a loving yet structured home for Ricky. He needs an experienced family that can be very patient and give him a great deal of attention and direction. Ricky would benefit from a family who is supportive of a behavior plan that would help him regulate his emotions when over-stimulated. Ricky would like a mom and dad who will be nice, supportive and loving to him. A family where Ricky is the oldest is desired.

An Illinois placement is not necessary.

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